The benefits of

Local Area Power

     Computer power is too often overlooked when installing computer systems. When power is considered in the design, the protection installed is often inadequate. If the budget permits, we always recommend that local area power be installed along with the local area network. This provides a stable and reliable computer network on which to run Managing Partner® or Managing Director®.

     Local area power provides a separate source of power, and a separate isolated system ground, for the entire computer network. This can make the system much more reliable since even the best uninterruptible power systems and spike protectors are only as good as the power distribution system they are connected to. The common isolated system ground is often the most important component, and only local area power provides this. We have seen consistent yet illusive network problems disappear after local area power is installed, even though nothing else has been changed.

     An incidental benefit of local area power is that one large centrally located uninterruptible power supply may be used instead of several smaller ones (a very common mistake). A larger UPS is typically less expensive than several smaller units supplying the same amount of computer grade power. This helps offset the cost of installing the separate power wiring. Also, larger units are generally much more effective, efficient, and reliable. Printer power can be conditioned or filtered and spike protected rather than being supplied by the UPS to save costs.

     A simplified Local Area Power Schematic is available that shows the proper way to install local area power split between computer and printer power. This is a large GIF file that can be saved or printed. Please do not rely upon the schematic for safety purposes. A licensed electrical engineer or electrician should be consulted regarding safety and compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

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