Scaramella & Hoofnagle, Attorneys at Law

     The following are directions to our offices from the intersection of Routes 70 and 295:

          1. Proceed East on Route 70 until you pass through the intersection with Springdale Road. This is roughly half a mile from Route 295. The intersection is well marked, and there is a campus of Camden County College on the near-right corner, an Exxon station on the near-left corner, and a bank on the far-right corner.

          2. As you pass through the intersection, be sure you are in the left lane. You will see a 45 MPH speed limit sign in the median to your left approximately 0.3 miles East of the intersection. Next to this sign is a break in the median into which you should turn left.

          3. This break in the median is directly across from the front entrance to the Executive Mews office complex. The street address is 1930 Route 70 East, and you will see this street number on the end of the box sign on a small island dividing the entranceway.

          4. Cross the Westbound lanes of Route 70 and enter our complex. As you pass the sign you will reach the main road that winds through the complex and eventually reaches Springdale Road. You should turn right onto this main road.

          5. You will pass by a series of flags and by a main directory sign with a map of the complex. Another map is enclosed for your reference. Our offices are located in Building L which is adjacent to the left side of the main road. The letters of the buildings are on the chimneys. You should begin looking for our building after you pass the first stop sign. If you reach the second stop sign you have traveled too far.

          6. We are in Suite L-59. You will see our firm name on a sign near the door as you approach.

     A map of our office complex in Portable Document Format showing the location of our office suite is also available.

Scaramella & Hoofnagle Reception Area